1. Calling Elvis 9.59
2. Walk of Life 8.44
3. What It Is 7.08
4. Romeo & Juliet 9.25
5. Sultans of Swing 8.13
6. Done With Bonaparte 7.13
7. Prairie Wedding 5.38
8. Wag The Dog 6.14
9. Junkie Doll 6.48

Total time: 69:24


1. Pyroman 7.59
2. Speedway At Nazareth 7.25
3. Telegraph Road 17.07
4. Brothers In Arms 8.33
5. Money For Nothing 13.31
6. So Far Away 5.51
7. Wild Theme 4.10

Total time: 64:38

Additional info:
Good audience recording from Copenhagen 2001. This was my first visit to Copenhagen ever, it lasted for about 6 hours, I saw Hard Rock Cafe and then the Forum concert hall, after that I had to return to Sweden again. So I didn't manage to see much of the "Wonderful Copenhagen" this time. But I got a taste of it as I came into Forum and heard MK play a small part of the song Wonderful Copenhagen during Calling Elvis! It was a great show in a terrible arena. It was really hot in there and the band had to use fans (not music fans!) on stage. The sound was great where I was sitting and MK seemed more relaxed than usual, he was moving around on stage during the concert in a way I haven't seen him do before. OK, have in mind that he is not the kind of person who climbs up on the PA system and throws himself out in the audience stage diving, but he did "show off" a little more than usual this time. He also did a small solo in Walk of Life which he doesn't do at every gig.

The setlist was more or less the same as the concert in Cologne but they also did the wonderful Wild Theme with only MK and Guy Fletcher on stage. Pyroman appear for this show as well even though Glenn did what he could to destroy it at the end. It survived until Oslo... I am glad I managed to see that song performed live at least once. I was also happy to hear Wag the Dog live for the first time, a great performance, it really grows live! Very bluesy feeling over it. Prairie Wedding didn't work too well like this, it brought the tempo down a bit too much for this part of the show. It works better in other setlists.