Mark Knopfler, Amsterdam Showcase 2007
Melkweg, Amsterdam, Holland, 26th September 2007

Lineage: Radio 2 FM Broadcast (Analoge) -> Sansui Receiver -> M-AUdio Audiophile 24/94 -> Wavelab -> CDwav -> FLAC Frontend level 6

01. Donegan's gone
02. Song for Sonny Liston
03. Rüdiger
04. Let it all go
05. The fizzy and the still
06. True love will never fade
07. Done with Bonaparte
08. Postcards from Paraguay
09. Brothers in arms

01_Donegan's Gone.flac:5b2cab00311355e554eb8320d8a33e18
02_Song For Sonny Liston.flac:ee7c3e1ad27459f6953304646db8065e
04_Let It All Go.flac:d24b510ab052e80efa5bba58d239e66d
05_The Fizzy And The Still.flac:80326afb3fc5b844a07b1b2bb878001d
06_True Love Will Never Fade.flac:7e02fdaa235b11f2b588487ea11a8b5b
07_Done With Bonaparte.flac:29402bc8ea486f960a4af1775f000065
08_Postcards From Paraguay.flac:8af2f625ec6a78084410625f8f4da31a
09_Brothers In Arms.flac:a7c8d7f0cef60c296728ce4944f4d764