MARK KNOPFLER - 2008 WORLD TOUR COMPILATION "Kill For The Best of Crimson" (samples included)

****Great compilation of all the songs played during 2008 Kill To Get Crimson tour.***

sources: audience
different venues and dates
Format 2CD-R

Venues disc 1

National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Canada, 18th July 2008 [1, 5]
Rumsey Playfield, New York, USA, 23rd July 2008 [2, 13]
Coliseo Ciudad de Atarfe, Atarfe (Granada), Spain, 5th April 2008 [3, 7]
Mann Center, Philadelphia, USA, 26th July 2008 [4]
Z�nith, Nantes, France, 8th April 2008 [6, 11]
The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, USA, 27th June 2008 [8]
Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver, USA, 24th June 2008 [9]
Le Z�nith, Toulouse, France, 7th April 2008 [10]
City Hall, Newcastle, UK, 21st May 2008 [12]

Venues disc 2

The Greek Theatre, San Francisco, USA, 28th June 2008 [1, 8]
Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Holland, 29th March 2008 [2]
Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Holland, 30th March 2008 [3]
Torwar, Warsaw, Poland, 2nd May 2008 [4, 6]
Royal Albert Hall, London, UK, 28th May 2008 (with Joe Brown as special guest) [5]
Z�nith, Nantes, France, 8th April 2008 [7]
Royal Albert Hall, London, UK, 30th May 2008 [9, 10]
The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, USA, 27th June 2008 [11]
Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 26th September 2007 [12]
Source Audience

Tracks CD 1

02-Why aye man
03-What it is
04-Sailing to Philadelphia
05-True love will never fade
06-The fish and the bird
07-Hill farmer's blues
08-Romeo and Juliet
09-Sultans of swing
10-Oe, oe / ole, ole
11-Done with Bonaparte
12-Secondary waltz
13-Song for Sonny Liston

Tracks CD 2

02-Daddy's gone to Knoxville
03-Devil baby
04-Postcards from Paraguay
05-Donegan's gone *
06-Speedway at Nazareth
07-Telegraph road
08-Brothers in arms
09-Our Shangri-la
10-So far away
11-Going home

12-Let it all go

Mark Knopfler - guitars, vocals
Guy Fletcher - keyboards, guitars, vocals
Richard Bennett - guitars
Glenn Worf - bass, vocals
Danny Cummings - drums, vocals
Matt Rollings - keyboards, vocals
John McCusker - fiddle, cittern, flutes, vocals
(*) Joe Brown - vocals (guest on track d2t05)

Band on bonus track d2t12:
Mark Knopfler - guitars, vocals
Guy Fletcher - keyboards, vocals
Danny Cummings - drums, vocals
Luke Brighty - guitars
Dudley Phillips - bass

Additional comments O.E.B: Compilation of various audience recordings from the Kill to get crimson world tour 2008.

All songs that have been played on the tour can be found on this compilation.

Some songs were rarely played such as Secondary waltz (only 3 times) and Devil baby (just played once in Amsterdam).

The sound quality varies a bit, but is overall pretty good

Sound varies from good to excellent. Great versions overall, highly recomended!!
All audience recorded, except for bonus, Let It All Go played in Amsterdam 2007, is taken from soundboard radio broadcast.

Original compiler(s) info:

The tracks have been selected for the performance and sound quality
(in this order of priority).
All recordings have been shared free.

The sound has been selected, normalized and arranged the transitions
for continuity with Audacity 1.3 by el pamplinoide fenicio-romano de la playa la caleta.

All lossless certified.

Sound quality varies from good to excellent


Enlight note:

This left me by saying thanks too Pamplina and everybody who where involved in this project, knowing i will forget some....,please dont kill me for that.

cover-art creators.

some known people and noticed by the compiler(s):

Patook, Scott Brown, gf, David Perbal, Josephine,
phillysci, Martina, Pottel, ABE, Agavekid, llombitos, stepmo, Nico de Cadi,
and much more.......

cover-art by: Sam Golden

Tracks splitted into two Cds and "track re-numbered" by Enlight

Cover-art included

Enjoy,relax and stay healthy

Enlight (2015-01-10)

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