Mark Knopfler
MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods,
Mashantucket, CT
May 01, 2010


Source info:

Sennheiser ME-104>Tascam DR-07 (16/44.1, 80hz bass rolloff)
>USB>PC>CDWaveEditor 1.96>TLH>Flac

No EQ'ing

Taper: Ringfedder
Location: DFC Balcony
Sound Quality: Phenomenal



01. Border Reiver
02. What It Is
03. Sailing To Philadelphia
04. Coyote
05. Prairie Wedding
06. Hill Farmer's Blues
07. Romeo & Juliet
08. Sultans Of Swing
09. Donegan's Gone
10. Get Lucky
11. -Band Introductions-> Marbletown
12. Speedway At Nazareth
13. Telegraph Road
14. Brothers In Arms
15. So Far Away
16. Piper to the End


Mark Knopfler lead vocals, guitar
Matt Rollings keyboards
Michael McGoldrick flute
Glenn Worf bass
Danny Cummings - drums
Tim O'Brien - guitar, vocals
Richard Bennett - guitar, vocals
Guy Fletcher - keyboards


Words truly can't describe how incredible it was to see Mark and the band put on a stellar performance. The set list is the same as the rest of the tour but still a thrill even when knowing what to expect. I can't say enough about the super star line up of musicians Mark had behind him. You can honestly feel the respect and camaraderie between them all. Of particular note were Glenn Worf's bass playing and Guy Fletcher's synthesizer work. Listen closely during the Sultans jam, Nazareth and Telegraph for some crazy bass lines and high end synth' twists.

Caveat emptor: My sponsor for the evening, a very pleasant lady from Massachusetts, was somewhat chatty at the beginning of the performance. You'll hear her asking me a question or two that I did my best to answer with sign language but one required an audible response, not too distracting in my opinion.

I present this recording to you unedited and without any EQ for the simple reason that I don't think it needed it.