Mark Knopfler
Capital FM Arena

11th Oct 2011

Files have only been split into tracks and FLACed,Ill post a couple of samples, A word of warning there is more chatter in this than in Dylans, for some reason the Richard Craniums in charge allowed people into seats after MK had started Id have made them wait till the interval . Its not to bad and I hope it doesnt spoil your enjoyment too much

01 Intro
02 What It Is
03 Cleaning My Gun
04 Sailing to Philadelphia
05 Hill Farmer's Blues
06 Privateering
07 Song for Sonny Liston
08 Done with Bonaparte
09 Haul Away
10 Marbletown
11 Brothers in Arms
12 So Far Away

MK Guitars and Vocals
Richard Bennett on guitar
Guy Fletcher on keyboards and Guitar
Jim Cox on piano
John McCusker on fiddle & cittern
Mike McGoldrick on flute, whistle & pipes, Glenn Worf on bass
Ian Thomas on drums

Core sound binaurals>edirol R-09HR>Audacity>flac(tlh level 6)>you

99072e5bde6e0220a61a98d2e6fd9e6b *01 Intro.flac
273ec8d34174dcbdd1b24679f5a18ff8 *02 What It Is.flac
04bd47f454780bc6a9bc6acc7bf728d1 *03 Cleaning My Gun.flac
28981e39126790f9a83712a4c13e62df *04 Sailing to Philadelphia.flac
c8c68be6c4e084d9fb2f9e0173a30b53 *05 Hill Farmer's Blues.flac
130722f1bc44f3a8e831bfce7f4dc862 *06 Privateering.flac
ff47adcf38bc6869a4008b8979842707 *07 Song For Sonny Liston.flac
94d398e65ee2c8900987142cd6fbaa08 *08 Done with Bonaparte.flac
34db7068c9fd06646800270e9b94229a *09 Haul Away.flac
e94c67685a8e344ba6df87f9d5a3f558 *10 Marbletown.flac
76ee07d9f3469b8deb01ad6f656e289e *11 Brothers in Arms.flac
72a0cb69d3461a006353bf02d6433736 *12 So Far Away.flac