Mark Knopfler
a Pottel Recording

What It Is
Cleaning My Gun
Sailing To Philadelphia
Hill Farmer's Blues
Song For Sonny Liston
Done With Bonaparte
Brothers In Arms
Speedway At Nazareth
So Far Away (cut, missing the first few minutes)

Mark Knopfler: vocals and guitars
Richard Bennett: guitar
Guy Fletcher: keyboards
Jim Cox: piano
John McCusker: violin and cittern
Mike McGoldrick: flute, whistle & pipes
Glenn Worf: bass guitar and string bass
Ian Thomas: drums

recording device:Tascam DR-05 using the internal mics
Lineage:tascam DR-05 > Micro SD > Wav > Audacity > Edit > Flac

I am satisfied about this recording, except for the fact that, based on previous shows, i thought that Speedway was going to be the last song, so i went to the toilet quickly, to beat the masses and be back in time to tape the Bob show.
Whilst standing in the toilet, being happy, i suddenly hear the first notes of So far away, so i zipped it and ran back as fast as i could, entering the arena i switched my recorder back on and got the last 2 min. or so.
hope you enjoy it all.