Mark Knopfler
Morrison, CO
Red Rocks Amphitheater

Mark Knopfler - vocals, guitar
Jim Cox - keyboards, piano
John McCusker - violin, cittern
Glenn Worf - bass
Mike McGoldrick - flute, whistle and pipes, drums, acoustic guitar
Ian Thomas - drums, washboards
Richard Bennett - guitar, pedal steel guitar
Guy Fletcher - keyboards, ukulele

Tascam DR-05 (built-in mics) > Cool Edit Pro* > FLAC
*level adjustment, noise reduction, tracking

This is an incomplete recording, and begins on T3

01. Broken Bones (missing)
02. Corned Beef City (missing)
03. Privateering
04. Father and Son
05. Hill Farmer's Blues
06. Skydiver
07. Your Latest Trick
08. Romeo and Juliet
09. Sultans of Swing
10. She's Gone
11. intros-Postcards from Paraguay
12. Marbletown
13. Speedway at Nazareth
14. Telegraph Road
15. So Far Away
16. Our Shangri-La, Going Home (theme from Local Hero)