Mark Lanegan
with Mike Johnson (Dinosaur Jr) and Ben Shephard (Soundgarden)

October 15, 2000
Lola's Lounge
Portland, Oregon

recording type: audience (Sharp MD-MS722/Modified Binaural/Bass Roll-Off Box)
lineage: MDM>CDR2>EAC>FLAC8
total length: 59:03
quality: excellent

01 Carry Home (Gun Club)
02 Badi-Da (Fred Neil)
03 Bell Black Ocean
04 I'll Take Care of You (Brook Benton)
05 Slide Machine (13th Floor Elevators)
06 Together Again (Buck Owens)
07 The Winding Sheet
08 Blues Run The Game (Jackson C Frank)
09 Creeping Coastline Of Lights (Leaving Trains)
10 Deep Purple (Peter De Rose)
11 On Jesus' Program (O V Wright)
12 Tomorrow Night (Coslow/Grosz)
13 Mockingbirds
14 Last One In The World
15 She Done Too Much>The River Rise
16 Because Of This
17 A Taste Of Honey

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