Mark Olson
Schell's Stage
MN State Fair
Falcon Heights, MN,USA
2016-08-28 (August 28th, 2016)

source: AKG ck61's > Nbob colletes > Naint PFA > Tascam DR680 @ 24bit-48k
location: 3rd row, dead center, mics about 6ft^
mic config: DINa
recorded by: Todd Norman -

editing notes:
Pro Tools 12 for some EQ
Sound Forge used to raise the levels and for fade in/outs
R8Brain used to dither to 44k-16bit
CDWAV used to split the tracks
Shntool used to verify/correct Sector Boundaries

Sound check:
1. ...Blue
2. Will I Be Married
3. crowd noise

1. Lizelle D'Jan
2. Pray For Me
3. Blue
4. Running Circles
5. Poison Oleander
6. Walking Through Nevada
7. Will I Be Married
8. Black Eyed Susan
9. The Seminole Valley Tea Sipper's Society
10. Two Angels
11. stage/band banter
12. Over My Shoulder
13. Cherry Thieves
14. Wichita
15. Heaven's Shelter
16. Jesse In An Old World
17. crowd noise/banter
18. Clifton Bridge