Mark Olson Gary Louris
Darvel Town Hall
Scotland UK

9th May 2009

Part of the annual Darvel Music Festival

Mark Olson : vocals, acoustic guitar, dulcimer
Gary Louris : vocals, acoustic guitar
Ingunn Ringvold : percussion, djembe, b/vs

72 min 28 sec

01 Rose Society
02 Nothing Left to Borrow
03 Angelyne
04 Bloody Hands
05 Turn Your Pretty Name Around
06 Pray For Me
07 Saturday Morning on Sunday Street
08 Chamberlain SD
09 Two Hearts
10 Walking Through Nevada
11 chat
12 Black Eyes
13 Over My Shoulder
14 Waiting for the Sun
15 When the Wind Comes Up
16 Settled Down Like Rain
17 Blue

The tour-de-force of the set was "When the Wind Comes Up" with amazing guitar
solos from Gary, and a real desert tumbleweed feel, Ingunn Ringvold's spare percussion
adding greatly to the sound.
Mark and Gary's new album "Ready For the Flood" is on sale now;
many songs in this set were from it.
Also hear songs at:

Gary and Mark are currently touring in Australia; then they play one Jayhawks gig
in Minnesota and several European festivals over the summer.
They have a new live (soundbpard) recording on sale at gigs only, recorded in
Atlanta Georgia, and they are doing signings after each set.

S/B->(line-in)Creative Nero JB3 (44.1 KHz 16 bit)

Audience recording from the stack by the soundboard, opposite stage R
Aud->SP CMC-8s->SP-SPSB-6S(r/o:0)->Edirol R09(16bit 44.1Khz, gain +10)
USB transfer to pc->Nero Wave Editor

Both recordings normalised to -5 DB
Audience/SB Matrix created using Audacity.
S/B : +6 db
Aud : -6 dB

Matrix -> Nero Wave Editor (comp X 1.2, editing, volume balancing,
fades, normalised to -1db) ->
CDWave(split)->Flac sector 8, sector boundaries aligned.
Flacs tested and FFPs generated using Trader's Little Helper.
The matrix is heavily weighted to the soundboard recording; even so
some chat can be heard during quiet songs.

Recorded, converted and seeded by Evangeline.
No selling in any form.
Distribute freely in lossless formats, and only convert to MP3s for your own use.