Marks Brothers
The Common
Fitzwilliam, NH

Source-ADK a51tl’s(Omni’s/split 10’ on stage)1+2 of mixpre6
AKG ck1x’s(DIN/Center stage)MK46’s>Naiant pfa’s>3+4 of mixpre6
SBD>5+6 of Mixpre6
AKG ck61’s(DIN/FOB)>Naiant Midbox>1+2 of Mixpre3m

One Set

01.Deep Elem
02.Columbia Stockade
03.Harder They Come
04.Cripple Creek
05.Existential Blues
06.Angel From Montgomery
07.Thats All Right Mama
09.Ill Take A Melody
10.Walkin In Jerusalem
11.Midnight Moonlight
12.Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
13.I Saw Her Standing There

Mark Mercier-Keys/Vocals
Mark Paradis-Guitar/Vocals
David Stoltz-Bass/Vocals
Brian Konopka-Drums