Marshall Crenshaw
The Whiskey
W Hollywood,Ca
June 11, 1982
(early show)

sources : nakamichi cm300 > sony tcd-5m
transfered from master cassettes
taper : markp

first posted by persic on June 8, 2005
(original flac files, except renamed to include the song title)

01. intro
02. Soldier of Love
03. Not for Me
04. Brand New Lover
05. I'll Do Anything
06. Move It
07. Look at What I Amost Missed
08. Marianne
09. Rockin' Around in N.Y.C.
10. There She Goes Again
11. Someday, Someway
12. Got a Lot O' Livin' to Do
13. She Can't Dance
14. Something's Gonna Happen
15. Glad All Over


Marshall Crenshaw - vocals, guitar
Robert Crenshaw - drums
Chris Donato - bass

originally part of a three-show torrent that also included
1982-07-31 Pasadena, Perkins Palace
1982-09-06 Los Angeles Greek Theatre

Look at What I Amost Missed -- The Parliaments
Got a Lot O' Livin' to Do -- Elvis Presley
Glad All Over -- Dave Clark Five
Move It -- Cliff Richard

flac fingerprints
MC-19820611e Whiskey-01-intro.flac:5560a76ea278f50ed51fede184035eea
MC-19820611e Whiskey-02-Soldier of Love.flac:318287a803b855149c3d5dd669a39fa9
MC-19820611e Whiskey-03-Not for Me.flac:42e364eb12799e48704aece648acbe22
MC-19820611e Whiskey-04-Brand New Lover.flac:e00d00c5c166a8949ba1b8ea7e8b490e
MC-19820611e Whiskey-05-I'll Do Anything.flac:e101616ffd8cf9af25e3891779b625d0
MC-19820611e Whiskey-06-Move It.flac:37e8d1647b1cca1cfa30f0c5505aac2a
MC-19820611e Whiskey-07-Look at What I Amost Missed.flac:820540e407aac4755456f719fa8cd1e3
MC-19820611e Whiskey-08-Marianne.flac:be664be47252ca8844d28f05d7ffc859
MC-19820611e Whiskey-09-Rockin Around in NYC.flac:c7147ecc0f1a4f06d82c0e4dd43b5ec3
MC-19820611e Whiskey-10-There She Goes Again.flac:2e40c3abda8b7ae6c5038567cf90f2ca
MC-19820611e Whiskey-11-Someday, Someway.flac:6e70d053830bb547f5cdf451c1969501
MC-19820611e Whiskey-12-Got a Lot O Livin to Do.flac:e3e4321b8d471f75a86ddc530c5ae3ce
MC-19820611e Whiskey-13-She Can't Dance.flac:3154ec37d74926ff749c83c0c5db680e
MC-19820611e Whiskey-14-Something's Gonna Happen.flac:8475f993a936f5e47a046375e3a8fa92
MC-19820611e Whiskey-15-Glad All Over.flac:a8b2ab519d973eac584f1fe543935087