Marshall Crenshaw
Copley Plaza
Boston, MA
June 9, 1994

Source: My master recording/with Sony video hand camera
Lineage: VHS master>stand alone burner Pioneer>wav>Flac

My master recording, plus some bonus tracks from a few tv shows.
This is only my third download, just learned today, chose this because it is a master of mine.
Boston Strong for Copley Plaza as well.

1. Someday Someway
2. Every Way The Wind Blows
3. Wanda & Duane
4. Fantastic Planet Of Love
5. My Little Red Book
6. There She Goes Again
7. What Do You Dream Of/Girls, Girls, Girls/ Somewhere Down the Line
8. Better Back Off
9. Whever You're on My Mind
10. Cynical Girl
11. Walking Around
Bonus: House of Blues TV Show 1995
12. Julie
13. Wanda & Duane
14. Someday Someway
David Letterman Show 1995
15. Favorite Waste Of Time
Viva Variety TV Show 1997
16. What Do You Dream Of?