Marshall Crenshaw
San Francisco, CA

Source: SBD > DAT(s) via Jason Brodsky and Ted Mattes
Transfer: DAT > Fostex D-15 > Tascam DA-3000 > WAV @ 16/48
Master: Wavelab 10 (tracking, levels, remove DC offset) > FLAC 1648

01. intro
02. 2541
03. Fantastic Planet Of Love
04. Whenever You're On My Mind
05. Laughter
06. Only An Hour Ago
07. Cynical Girl
08. What Do You Dream Of?
09. Vague Memory
10. Someday Someway
11. Better Back Off
12. Seven Miles An Hour
13. Wanda & Duane
14. Somewhere Down The Line
15. Starless Summer Sky
16. My Favorite Waste Of Time
17. crowd + banter
18. There And Back Again
19. Tonight
20. Mary Ann

Marshall Crenshaw - guitar, vocals
Andy York - bass
Brock Avery - drums

A nice SBD recording. Possibly from the master DAT or a clone. It sounds like Mary Ann was a second encore.

The first song, 2541, had a couple of short dropouts where the DAT simply cut out, ranging from 20 ms to nearly 100 ms. The former were removed and the latter were patched by the same part of the song from later on in the song. One spot couldn't be repaired. That's the only glitch you'll hear.


--mhg :: 2022-01-08