Marshall Crenshaw
Beachland Tavern
Cleveland, Ohio
September 29, 2009

Recorded by Warciple
Source: Audience, Zoom H2 8' from left stack
Transfer: SD flash card> USB > Nero Wave Editor (volume adjust) >
CD Wave Editor (tracking) > Flac-8

This was a terrific solo performance by Marshall, currently touring behind his
wonderful new "Jaggedland" album. The recording was bassier than I expected,
so some volume leveling was done. The foot-tapping you hear is Marshall himself;
he miced up a piece of plywood on the stage floor and accompanied himself. The
guitars are his Guild and his Danelectro.

01 There She Goes
02 Someone Told Me
03 Fantastic Planet of Love
04 Live and Learn
05 What Do You Dream Of
06 Never Coming Down
07 Whenever You're on My Mind
08 Long Hard Road
09 Cynical Girl
10 Just Passing Through
11 Mary Anne
12 Right On Time
13 Truly Madly Deeply
14 Eventually
15 Something's Gonna Happen
16 Sunday Blues
17 Someday, Someway
18 Favorite Waste of Time
19 Encore Break
20 2541
21 Television Light
22 Crying Waiting Hoping

Do not buy or sell this recording. Do not convert to lossy.
Support Marshall Crenshaw, pickup "Jaggedland" today on 421 Records.