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The Marshall Tucker Band
May 8th, 1974
The Record Plant
Sausalito, CA

Lineage: Maxell XLII 3rd gen > Nakamichi DR-1 > Realtek HDAudio pentium i7 > Soundforge 10 Pro Highest quality setting Izotope 64 bit src downsampling / MBIT+dither > TLH > FLAC

1) Tom Donahue intro > Hillbilly Band
2) Another Cruel Love
3) Can't You See
4) 24 Hours At A Time
5) Ramblin'
6) Take The Highway
7) Everyday (I Have The Blues)

Total time 59:59

Toy Caldwell: guitar, steel guitar, vocals
Tommy Caldwell: bass, vocals
Doug Gray: vocals
George McCorkle: guitar
Paul Riddle: drums
Jerry Eubanks: flute, sax, vocals

From BigV's Vault...Here's a rare one I'll bet very few have. The Marshall Tucker Band LIVE from The Record Plant in Sausalito Ca., May 8, 1974. This is from the original FM Broadcast on KSAN San Francisco. I know it's probably KSAN, because I remember listening to this as it was being broadcast and Tom Donahue is the host. If you have the Original ABB broadcast of the 9/26/73 show @ Winterland, that's Tom doing the intro there as well. In those days Tom Donahue was THE MAN on the West Coast. The band is in fine form and is probably playing for the crew at the recording studio as well as a small group of friends and family (maybe 10 people). Toy does most of the talking in between songs and this show is a reminder of what a great band this was in those days. If the intro by Toy on "Everyday" doesn't make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, there is something wrong with you! This is a good to great quality CD, (33 year old cassette transfer) so grab this one and spread the music.

Not sure if this the same version that was originally seeded by twofthrs back in 2005.
This show also circulates as May 18th or May 19th. Anybody know for sure?

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