Marshall Tucker Band
Uptown Theater, Chicago, IL
March 12, 1977

Source: WKQX FM broadcast May 5, 1977

Disc 1:
01. Fly Like An Eagle / Long Hard Ride
02. Searchin' For A Rainbow
03. Heard It In A Love Song
04. I Should Have Never Started Lovin' You
05. Take The Highway
06. Fire On The Mountain
07. In My Own Way
08. Never Trust A Stranger

Disc 2:
01. 24 Hours At A Time
02. Ramblin'
03. Can't You See
04. This Ol' Cowboy

Total time 1:36:05

Toy Caldwell - Guitar, Vocals
Tommy Caldwell - Bass, Vocals
Doug Gray - Vocals
Jerry Eubanks - Sax, Flute
Geoge Mc Corkle - Guitar
Paul Riddle - Drums

The Marshall Tucker Band, on tour, supporting their 1977 album, Carolina Dreams.

Great show, like always. And a very nice FM recording. Only a few tape flaws, but no big deal. No big cuts or anything like that.

I hope y'all enjoy this one, another classic MTB!

Note: The original file set was detected to have several sector boundary errors which I fixed using Trader's Little Helper.

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Originally uploaded to DIME by Gaston in July 2007.
Reseeded by propylaen in January 2014.


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