Martin & Eliza Carthy & Peggy Seeger
BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards
Royal Albert Hall
19th February 2014

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On the night of the Folk Awards the beeb broadcast Drivetime live from the Royal Albert Hall, London from 1700-2000. This was followed by the actual Folk Awards which was in 2 parts with the interval comprising of the Young Folk Awards-that show was about 2 hours 45 in length. Drivetime had several live performances as did the actual Folk Awards.

Selected highlights from Drivetime Show (Simon Mayo) and The Folk Awards presented by Mark Radcliffe & Julie Fowlis.Please note some edits in both Drivetime and Folk Awards Show. I was mainly capturing the Martin & Eliza but included Peggy as both Martin & Eliza were involved.

Please note that in accordance with Dime Policies track 3 includes a few seconds fade in/out of Elizabeth Cotten's version of "Freight Train" which was one of the tracks selected by Martin for his Desert Island Discs appearance on 13th January 2013. if you wish to listen it is available to listen to or download for free on the BBC Desert Island Disc Archive:

Tracks 1-5 are from Drive time (1700-2000) and
Tracks 6-13 are from the Second Half of the actual Folk Awards Show 2000 onwards

Total Play Time 41.32
1. Chat to Martin & Eliza Carthy (3.33)
2. Queen of Hearts - Live (3.17)
3. Chat to Martin & Eliza Carthy (7.29)
4. Happiness - Live (4.15)
5. Chat to Martin & Eliza Carthy (0.25)
6. Intro to Jarvis Cocker & Jarvis Speech (3.48)
7. Lifetime Achievement Award Acceptance Speech by Martin Carthy (2.19)
8. Martin & Eliza Intro (0.55)
9. Died For Love - Live (5.02)
10. Wrap Up and Talk About Pete Seeger and Intro to Peggy Seeger (2.34)
11. Peggy Seeger- talk About Pete Seeger & Song Intro (0.37)
12. Quite Early Morning - Live (Peggy Seeger and Everyone else) (6.03)
13. List of Singers from Mark Radcliffe (1.13)

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