First of all, I would like to say thank you to Martin for finally performing solo in Denver. And if you look at the tour schedule, you'll see that Martin played in Sacramento the previous night and was heading straight back to California for more shows, so Martin and Co. certainly made an extra effort to play in Denver - that in itself is awesome !!

Daniel's Hall is not a rock venue - its a 200 seat (if that) acoustic theater transformed from an old church. Martin, Dan and Alan performed the whole show acoustically, sitting down for almost the entire performance. There was absolutely no percussion whatsoever, just the musicians banging on their guitars every now and then. And, even though there was some amplification on the guitars, the overall volume of the show was extremely low, barely louder than a normal conversion occurring, which is almost certain disaster when trying to record a show - when the audience is three times louder than the actual music.

However, even though it was Saturday night for the show, the crowd couldn't have been more well behaved all-in-all. Applause only broke out at the end of the songs and there was no yelling or screaming from the crowd throughout the entire performance. If there had been even one person there that would yell or scream during the performance, it woud have literally ruined the recording because it would have been so much louder than the music, but amazingly it was an extremely well-behaved crowd.

During the introduction of Hymn 43, Martin encourages the crowd to participate and help the band out (since there was no percussion). The track is almost unlistenable because the clapping is so much louder than the music - it's proabably the hardest track to listen to - similar clap along occurs during Fat Man and Aqualung, but other than those tracks, this is an extremely rare and pleasant performance from Martin and Co. To be honest, I would have preferred the electric show, but not disappointed at all with the Martin's performance.

I spent a lot of time trying to make the show much more listenable by lowering the applause level and rasing the music level. Should be a good listen now - check the sample (and a little help on the set list please)

***** 44 khz / 16 bit version ***** (CD Version)

Martin Barre
September 9, 2017 (2017-09-09)
Daniel's Hall
Denver. Colorado

All Acoustic Show
Dan Crisp
Alan Thomson

01.[03:01] Introduction
02.[02:36] Wond'ring Aloud
03.[02:31] Empty Cafe
04.[03:07] Martin talk I
05.[05:42] Nothing To Say
06.[00:54] banter
07.[04:23] Can't Find My Way Home
08.[04:06] Martin talk II
09.[04:36] ?
10.[05:16] Smokestack Lightning
11.[02:17] ?
12.[03:52] ?
13.[05:43] Love Story
14.[03:37] Home
15.[01:05] banter
16.[04:03] Skating Away On the Thin Ice of a New Day
17.[02:34] Everything Stops For Tea
18.[04:08] Alan's story
19.[05:01] Crossroads
20.[04:05] Hymn 43 *
21.[03:58] Martin talk III
22.[06:00] Snow ?
23.[04:38] Playing the Blues ?
24.[06:22] Teacher
25.[05:03] Fat Man *
26.[04:31] Locomotive Breath >
27.[04:58] Aqualung *

Total 1:48:07

* WARNING: loud crowd clapping

Lineage: sonic studios dsm6 > Zoom H4n (96/24)

Transfer: Wavelab (tracking and tweaking) > Flac (level 8) > you !