Martin Barre 2018-02-04 Cruise to the Edge 2018 Brilliance of the Seas Colony Club 44.1khz 16bit aud

This recording came from Cruise to the Edge 2018 day 2.

This is a not-quite-raw recording. First I seemed to have clapped quite loudly, and I may have shouted, "woohooo," a few times too. What can I say? I was having a blast. Also, the sound folks had some nasty static, in stereo I might add, at the beginning of the first song. I had to clean that up just a bit. I used hard limitting and some very, very light high freq roll-off on the peaks. At no time did my limitting dip into the levels of the performance. Also, I did not do any EQ adjustments or compression. And there you have it ladies and germs, a not-quite-raw recording.

In the near future I will clean-up and master this performance. You'll find it first here on Dime.

Shout out to Lostbrook. I poached your set list sir, but I did verify them for myself. Thanks!

Enjoy as you wish and please support these great artists,
A Hairy Botch Recording

Cruise to the Edge 2018 day 2
Royal Carribean's Brilliance of the Seas

2018-02-04 (yyyy-mm-dd)

The Martin Barre Band are:
Martin Barre - guitar, comedy (I think he's funny. Now I think I'm funny too.)
Dan Crisp - vox, guitar
Alan Thomson - bass, vox
Dave Schoepke - drums

Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8-Phantom (@48V) ->> 20db XLR passive attenuator -> Tascam DR-44WL 96kHz24b WAV ->>
Ocen Audio (normalize) ->> Goldwave (sample rate and depth conversion, save to FLAC max comp) ->> Media Monkey (tagging)

Ocen Audio is a fantastic user supported audio app for Mac, PC, and Linux. I can't recommend it more strongly. Please support it.

1-01 intro.flac
1-02 Minstrel in the Gallery.flac
1-03 Steel Monkey.flac
1-04 Steal Your Heart Away.flac
1-05 Back to Steel.flac
1-06 Eleanor Rigby.flac
1-07 Love Story.flac
1-08 band introductions.flac
1-09 Sealion.flac
1-10 Song For Jeffrey.flac
1-11 Moment of Madness (a song about cheese).flac
1-12 Hunting Girl.flac
1-13 Teacher.flac
1-14 Fat Man.flac
1-15 Locomotive Breath.flac
1-16 Aqualung.flac

additional files:
Martin Barre 20180204 Brilliance of the Seas Colony Club 44_1kHz16b aud.txt
Martin Barre 20180204 Brilliance of the Seas Colony Club 44_1kHz16b aud.ffp
Martin Barre 20180204 Brilliance of the Seas Colony Club 44_1kHz16b aud.md5