SUMMER'S ALMOST GONE #07 - Add some MARTIN CARTHY to your day!

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South Petherton, Somerset UK
The David Hall
24 November 2005

Martin Carthy: voice, guitar

CD 1

1. Limbo
2. The Laudanam Bunches / The Vandals of Hammerwich
3. Bonny Woodhall
4. Three Jolly Seeksmen
5. Young Morgan
6. Bill Norrie

CD 2

1. The Foggy Dew
2. Farewell Lovely Nancy
3. Princess Royal
4. The Rufford Park Poachers
5. Creeping Jane
6. The Famous Flower Of Serving Men
7. Freedom Come All Ye / McGregor Of Rora
8. The Devil and The Feathery Wife
9. Sir Patrick Spens
10. The Harry Lime Theme

source: trade cdr (unknown lineage)
quality: B+
tools: EAC, Trader's Little Helper