Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick (RIP)
11th September 2015
Main Theatre, The Met, Bury, Lancs, UK

SP-CMC-2 >SP-SPSB-11 Battery box> Sony PCM10.micro SD card >BigDee for mastering>Retracking>Foobar for Tagging
Massive thanks go to BigDee for his usual superb job of mastering.

This is the most recent recording of Carthy & Swarbs playing together that I have and it admirably displays Swarbricks unique spirit and sense of fun.

There are quite a few very quiet intros where neither Martin nor Dave spoke into the mikes. With no set list they decided on the spur of the moment by discussion what they are going to play. The volume level of their chat has been left as it was in relation to the overall show. Both talk to themselves during the show. Swarbs had recently had his top teeth removed (he jokes about having all his food pre chewed by his dog!! The dog was in attendance at Merch table.

Sadly Dave's closing remark of "See you in a couple of years is never going to happen) but this was and is a nice memory.

Set 1 [46.35]
1. Song Intro (1.13)
2. Sovay (4.25)
3. Song Intro (0.42)
4. The Death of Queen Jane (7.04)
5. Tune Intros (2.26)
6. Bride�s March From Unst-True Lover�s Lament-Lord Inchiquin (9.28)
7. Song Intro (0.57)
8. When I Was A Little Boy (6.01)
9. Song Intro (1.19)
10. Bold Benjamin (6.55)
11. Song Intro (1.43)
12. The Trip We Took Over The Mountains (4.01)
13. Break Announcement (0.21)

Set 2 [57.52]
1. Intro (1.47)
2. John Barleycorn (6.16)
3. Song Intro (1.39)
4. My Son John (5.03)
5. Song Intro (0.46)
6. The Deserter (3.30)
7. Tune Intros (1.13)
8. The Dean Brig O' Edinburgh-Huletts (Strathspeys) (5.58)
9. Song Intro & Chat (1.03)
10. The Royal Oak (4.13)
11. Song Intro (0.37)
12. Row Bullies Row (aka Liverpool Judies) (5.02)
13. Song Intro (2.10)
14. Byker Hill (8.53)
15. We Are Physically Unable....& Chat about Australia (3.35)
16. My Heart's In New South Wales (6.06)

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