Martin Mull
Tampa Theater
Tampa, FL USA
December 7, 1980

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VG+ Audience

Master Cassette – WAV – CD-R – EAC – FLAC

Disc 1
1. Don’t Leave Things Half Finished
2. I Want to Be God
3. Getting caught up
4. Pig In a Blanket
5. Have you ever stopped to think…
6. Humming Song
7. Folk music discussion
8. Men
9. Noses

Disc 2
1. Another True Story From the South
2. I’m Flexible
3. This is our “last tune”
4. I’ve Been an Asshole Over You
5. Bringing Paris to Tampa
6. Hors D'oeuvre (tape flip)
7. Homage to furniture
8. Old Rockin’ Chair’s Got Me
9. An old request
10. Don’t Ever Let It Get the Best of You

The best of intentions…I meant to transfer and upload this weeks ago. I finally got around to it.

My first bootleg recording! I convinced my date to sneak in my sister’s recorder that she used for college classes. A big brick of a recorder with a built-in mike and full-sized cassette, powered by four AA batteries. So, here it is in glorious mono. But don’t be scared away by the outdated technology. We had seats in the first row of the balcony, in small, beautiful Tampa Theater, to the right of the stage, directly in front of the speaker. I’d give this an EX rating, except there’s a few quick jostles of the mike, and Martin’s speaking voice echoed a bit. But overall, this is a real gem. You’ll find a couple of songs he never released, and selections from nearly all his albums. This show was in support of his last album, “Near Perfect/Perfect.” In hindsight, I think this was his farewell tour, having switched his focus to films and TV shortly after this. I’ve never heard any other shows dated later than this one, so I consider it his swan song. Martin, we miss you on the stage.

Martin was accompanied by "The Ed Wise Orchestra," which was Ed wise on piano.
But the crowd was a little bewildered by his introduction. A couple of the
visual jokes explained: When Martin says "oh, you don't have one of these," He
was showing off his glass of whiskey on the rocks. Toward the end of the show,
he reaches down to turn off his floor monitor, and says "my movie's over."
Stage set-up was standard for Martin, wingback chair, small table and floor

Lastly, I had to choose a category for this. No "comedy" category? If we make
one, perhaps we'll get more comedy uploads. Either way, singer/somgwriter
seemed closest.

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Oh, and FRANK put this in the FOLK category, based mostly on Mull's comments about folk music. If you don't know the reference, FRANK refers you to Track 7 of Disc 1. :-)