Barry Richards WMAR TV
Baltimore, MD
circa fall 1972
featuring Bloodrock,
Eggs Over Easy,
Martin Mull and
Buddy Miles

Conversion = Taped off TV with Microphone>1st gen cassette>
Pioneer Stand Alone Burner PDR-609>
EAC> Soundforge 9.0>CD Architect 5.2>Wav>Flac

Sound Quality 5 - 6 out of 10
azimuth aligned
samples to be provided
sorry no art work
A Bargain Basement Tape Production


01. Bloodrock Intro
02. Help Is On The Way
03. The Power
04. ?
05. It's Over
06. Martin Mull Intro
07. Ventriliquist Love
08. Martin Mull Interview
09. Posing On The Cards (end cut tape flip)
10. Eggs Over Easy Intro
11. Party, Party
12. ?
13. ?
14. Eggs Over Easy Interview
15. Face Down In The Meadow
16. ?
17. Eggs Over Easy Credits
18. Rocks Off Stones clip from RFK Stadium
19. Buddy Miles Interview
20. Them Changes

Here's a little interesting tape I found while looking for the Martin Mull clip.
It's from the Baltimore area taper who gave me some cassettes from his masters that he wanted converted to cd. He taped this show off the TV. Barry Richards had a show
on a Baltimore/Washington DC TV station in the early '70's. I searched the web and found he has a dvd available of different acts but not the ones on this cd. Unfortunately this was the only broadcast that my friend taped. Enjoy the show, theklopeks