Martin Simpson & Andy Cutting
Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal
28th November 2009

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Many thanks go to BigDee for his usual great job of mastering
*Note*: I think I used CSBs for this one, I can't actually remember and I didn't make notes at the time.

I don't know the title of the instrumental at the end of The Wind & the Rain in set 2. I should know it but can't remember what it is. Any identification will be welcome.

Martin Simpson & the genius box player Andy Cutting just happened(??) to be playing at The Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal the weekend we went to visit the Lakes. If we had gone the week before the entire area was very flooded, the car park we parked at Lake Windermere was under several feet of water and people were using row boats on it. I can't in all honesty say I was really taken by The Brewery Arts Centre which has a lot of very good acts perform there. It has fairly low ceilngs and many,many strategically placed pillars to obstruct your view. the floor is not sloped so if you are not at the front you don't get to see much. However the recording turned out fine. This is one of my favourite Martin Simpson recordings mainly for Set 2 track 9 which is Martin's young daughter Molly's comments on his rather extensive tuning. Those who have seen Martin & Andy before will know that Martin could represent his country if talking were an olympic event whereas Andy very rarely says anything (no matter who he plays with!). For that reason I have tracked most between song chats/tuning as separate tracks.Martin was very talkative this night possibly because it was the last night of the tour.
Do take the opportunity to see Andy Cutting if he playing near you, no matter who he is supporting, he is a very brilliant musician. (IMHO)

1st Set - 63:54
1. Tuning (0.47)
2. Lakes Of Champlain (4.52)
3. Chat (0.55)
4. Come Down Jehovah (Chris Wood) (5.53)
5. Chat (4.46)
6. Will Atkinson/Kielder Schottische (6.24)
7. Sir Patrick Spens (4.48)
8. Chat & Tuning (4.04)
9. Look Up, Look Down (3.36)
10. Chat (2.48)
11. Pretty Crowing Chicken/Hirams Tune (4.13)
12. Chat & Tuning (3.01)
13. Greystones/Killing the Blues (Rowly Salley) (9.26)
14. Chat & Tuning (3.39)
15. Lakes Of Ponchetrain (4.39)

2nd Set - 66:38
1. Tuning (0.32)
2. Bachelors Hall (Dick Connette) (4.43)
3. Chat & Tuning (3.23)
4. Pans Of Biscuits (3.52)
5. Chat & Tuning (2.20)
6. The Wind And The Rain/?Instrumental? (6.39)
7. Chat & Tuning (4.00)
8. An Englishman Abroad (4.26)
9. Chat & Molly's Comments on Tuning (2.35)
10. Home Again (4.36)
11. Chat & Tuning (1.49)
12. Jamie Foyers (Ewan MacColl) (4.44)
13. Chat & Tuning (1.41)
14. The Sheffield Apprentice (4.53)
15. Chat & Tuning (4.41)
16. Stagolee (4.13)
17. Chat & Tuning (1.20)
18. Never Any Good/Applause (6.10)

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