Marty Balin and the New Giants
(I could not recognize the drummer's name, and some of
these name spellings are probably not correct, if so I apologize.
I had to guess on a couple of these.)
Marty Balin- vocals and some guitar
Kincaid Miller- keyboards
Keith Clawson- saxophone
Slick Agler- lead guitar
Robin Sylvester- bass
? Vadusco- drums
New George's
San Rafael, Ca.
October 14, 1987
from live 97.3 KRQR FM broadcast
runtime: 63:02 (minutes/seconds)
1: radio intro > ? 5:12
2: nothing to lose 3:11
3: turn me up 3:48
4: Mary Anne 4:04
5: body talk 5:51
6: ? 4:28
7: having a view 4:01
8: ? 7:53
9: band intros > Valerie (spliced after song ends, tape flip) 5:47
10: it's a shame? 4:54
11: memories 4:20
12: ? 5:07
13: wrecking crew 4:02
14: announcer wrap up :22
unknown FM /cassette recorder boombox (no dolby, normal bias?) >
Maxell XLII 90 min. master cassette > played on Nak. 300 into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially (and Martynally) yours.
recorded, digitized and posted by glasnostrd19.
A this and that, masters of west coast pop production.
'cuz somebody's gotta preserve the performing arts...
Do nor sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
when I noticed this show in a box of tapes, I thought it might be a bit of
an oddball show, especially when I noticed etree didn't have any shows from Marty
Balin in 1987, and even Marty's own website bio had no mention of this tour or
even this band or any official album from it, either live or studio recorded.
This was the 1st in a weekly series of live broadcasts from "New George's".
I've never been there, happened to be visiting a friend in S.F. and heard that
Marty Balin was going to be broadcasted. I'd never heard of the "New Giants"
before, and the latest thing I'd heard of Marty's distinctive music was the
"KBC band" (Kantner/Balin/Casady) on a KBFH radio program. they sounded quite good,
and of course I'd heard (ALOT) of that band called the "Jefferson Airplane".
Marty was clearly the "poppiest" influenced musician in the JA, but he was
there in all their "classic" albums. The KBC shows were full of Airplane hits,
but this show did not include anything that I could recognize as a Jefferson Airplane
song. I believe this is all "solo" Marty material.
I don't like posting something with misspelled or missing song titles or band member's names,
but it seems that this one could be rather rare, and better to circulate the music and
hopefully find out the missing details. apparently this music isn't even available in a studio album,
or if so one that the artist himself doesn't even have listed on his own website.
could this show be a whole missing chapter of Marty Balin history perhaps?
This is definitely not some "other" Marty Balin. You know the guy, if only you believe in miracles...
Caroline... that Marty Balin. The vocals are unmistakably Marty Balin in here, and he sings lead vocals
in all these songs. Knowing how popular he is in the Jefferson Airplane and KBC band, I'm sure some will
enjoy hearing this set, which is the only time I've heard most or maybe all these songs performed by Marty
in any form. I didn't see this show, only heard it on the radio. the deck was cheesy (not my usual recorder
for this sort of thing) but it worked and I made the recording. it is the whole set of music broadcasted that night,
and probably the full performance as well. just one tape flip interruption was after track 9 ended.