Marty Robbins and Floyd Cramer

Floyd Cramer
The Cannery, Nashville, TN

Marty Robbins
Opryland, Nashville, TN

Silver Eagle Cross Country Music Show
Aired February 5, 1983

The Marty Robbins concert is reported to have lasted 2 1/2 hours and it is unknown what else was played.
No setlist or date found on-line for Floyd Cramer.

Vinyl Roxio Audio Capture to Soundforge, encoded with Traders Little Helper.
Vinyl is 40 years old and there might be some ticks in the audio.

It is more blessed to give than to receive.

01 Intro

Floyd Cramer

02 On The Rebound
03 San Antonio Rose
04 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
05 Root Beer Rag
06 Boogie Woogie
07 Flip Flop and Bop
08 Last Date

Marty Robbins

09 Ribbon Of Darkness
10 A White Sport Coat
11 Devil Woman
12 Don't Worry
13 That's All Right
14 Eighteen Yellow Roses
15 Tonight Carmen
16 Tanya Tucker commercial
17 I Don't Know Why, I Just Do
18 Big Iron
19 Streets Of Laredo
20 Some Memories Just Won't Die
21 Cool Water
22 Geezinslaw Bros commercial
23 El Paso City
24 Jenny
25 A Good Hearted Woman
26 This Time You Gave Me A Mountain
27 Jumper Cable Man
28 El Paso

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