Marty Stuart And His Fabulous Superlatives (Acoustic) 2013-04-20
Del E. Webb center For the Performing Arts
Wickenburg, Arizona

Lineage: Zoom H1 in breast pocket 15 rows from stage, right side of theater> Nero SoundTrax for indexing songs, editing excessive noise from taper, and crossfading edits> Trader's Little Helper to fix SBE errors>FLAC

Notes: Essentially a fairly good sized 550 seat high school auditorium, we were seated 2 rows from the rear on the right side. Excessive paranoia from my wife caused me to miss the opening verse of 'Bridge Washed Out.' Excessive exuberance on my own part caused a few unintenionally loud hoots and cheers to mar the recording which I edited out before posting.
The PA was quite small and sat on the left and right side of the stage causing the audience to be much louder than the band on the recording.
Although I fully expected this to be an electric show, the band's acoustic performance was so fine that it turned into the fastest 90 minute show I can remember.

Marty Stuart: Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
(Cousin) Kenny Vaughan: guitar Vocals
(The Apostle) Paul Martin: Stand-Up Bass, Vocals
(Handsome) Harry Stinson: Parade Snare Drum, Vocals

Disc One
1. //Bridge Washed Out (Cut at Head)
2. A Tombstone Every Mile
3. Marty Introduces The Fabulous Superlatives
4. Mississippi Railroad Blues
5. Walk Like That (Kenny Vaughan)
6. You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover (Kenny Vaughan)
7. The Whiskey Isn't working Anymore
8. La Tingo Tango
9. Tempted
10. Marty Stuart Talks About Marty Robbins
11. Don't We All Have The Right (To Be Wrong Now And Then)
12. Endless Sleep
13. The Walls Of A Prison
14. Ballad of Paladin
15. Apache (Kenny Vaughan)
16. Two Dollars In The Jukebox (Paul Martin)
17. Bluegrass Express

Disc 2
1. Marty Chats
2. Dark Bird
3. John Henry
4. All For The Love Of A Girl (Harry Stinson)
5. I'm Working On A Building
6. Just A Little Talk With Jesus
7. Heaven
8. Encore Break With Marty And Kenny Selling CDs and Books
9. The Running Kind
10. All The Pretty Horses
11. Hillbilly Rock