Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives
Asheville, NC
Diana Wortham Theatre
Sunday, November 3rd, 2019
mrsoul recording

Church Audio CA-11s (cards) > Zoom H2N (24/44.1)

d1t01 Intro> Graveyard
d1t02 Tear the Woodpile Down
d1t03 Whiskey Ain't Workin'
d1t04 Tempted
d1t05 Band Intros > Mojave
d1t06 Old Mexico
d1t07 Six White Horses
d1t08 Country Music Got A Hold On Me
d1t09 Nice That Like
d1t10 Brain Cloudy Blues
d1t11 Pretty Boy Floyd
d1t12 Orange Blossom Special

d2t01 Pilgrim Intro
d2t02 The Pleasure's Worth The Pain
d2t03 Reasons
d2t04 Love Can Go To...Red, Red Wine and Cheatin' Songs
d2t05 Even Trains Have To Cry
d2t06 John Henry
d2t07 Crow intro
d2t08 Observations of a Crow
d2t09 Redemption intro
d2t10 Redemption
d2t11 crowd encore call
d2t12 Time Don't Wait
d2t13 Hobo's Prayer

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