Mason Proffit
Unknown Location

Source: Unknown Audience Mics > ? > Cassette or Reel > ? > Trade CDR
Transfer: Trade CDR > EAC VO.95 beta 4 (secure, high quality, +12 offset) > .wav > FLAC v1.1.2a > .flac16
Transfer By: Captain Ten Hits [captaintenhitsTAyahooTODcom] []
Quality: Good audience; tape hiss present; couple spots static; very listenable.

01. (cuts in) Old Joe Clark
02. Hard Luck Woman
03. Michael Dodge
04. Walk on Down the Road
05. Till the Sun's Gone
06. Buffalo
07. Sweet Lady Love
08. [Unknown] Don't Try to Make Me Stay ?
09. Old Libby You're a Good Old Girl
10. [Unknown] Truck Driver ?
11. Everybody Was Wrong
12. "Instrumental"
13. [Unknown] Everybody Roll Around ?
14. "Instrumental"
15. Two Hangmen
16. Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream

t01 - cuts in; tape hiss; sound of cassette or reel-to-reel starting.
t12, t14 - i think one of these is '__________________'.
t15-t16 - possible edit between tracks.

I received the cdr audio source disc in trade after searching for Mason Proffit for a considerable time.
My research found only two probable live recordings in almost non-existant circulation. The band is
not even listed in the etree database.
This recording has a lot of great banter concerning hippies, tampax, getting stoned, etc.
____________ Talbot states that Mason Proffit is about to release their second album in a couple of weeks.
But even the release date of the album is uncertain. Sources I've found state either 1970 or 1971,
but most agree on 1971. I have not performed a frequency analysis on this recording. If someone is able
to provide one, please do.
Folder includes EAC log, flac md5, wav md5, flac ffp.