Mavis Staples
Koerner Hall
Toronto, ON

SP-CMC-4U>SP-SB-10>Roland R07

Adobe Audition (fades / tracking / amplify / clap reduction)>WAV>xACT FLAC lvl 8

Taped by: kidsmoke91

A very enjoyable performance by Mavis - I have done my best to lower the occasional annoying (and off-beat) clapper in the left channel & a couple minor rustles, but overall a very good listen. Samples to follow, please enjoy. First song is missing & second song cuts in, as apparently they are very serious about the 8PM start time (I arrived at 8:03).

1. //Take Us Back
2. Slippery People
3. �banter-
4. Build a Bridge
5. Who Told You That
6. Respect Yourself
7. Can You Get to That
8. We Get By
9. �banter-
10. Let�s Do It Again
11. Anytime
12. Change
13. -band intros-
14. Touch a Hand, Make a Friend
15. No Time for Crying
16. �encore-
17. The Weight

Mavis Staples, vocals
Rick Holstrom, guitar
Stephen Hodges, drums
Jeff Turmes, bass
Donny Gerrard, vocals
Saundra Williams, vocals


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