McCoy Tyner Big Band
15th Anniversary Playboy Jazz Festival
Hollywood Bowl
Hollywood, CA, USA
June 13, 1993
KPCC-FM Broadcast

Radio announcers: Rene Engel and Larry Mantle
Festival host: Bill Cosby

Master Maxell XLII-S 90 cassette recorded without Dolby on unknown recorder > Transferred using a Nakamichi DR-1, azimuth adjusted, no Dolby >
Audition (Tracking, phase adjustment) > TLH (FLAC Level 8; .ffp)

McCoy Tyner - Piano
Vigil Jones, Earl Gardner, Eddie Henderson - trumpets
John Clark - french horn
Steve Turre, Frank Lacy - trombones
Tony Underwood - tuba
Joe Ford - alto saxophone
Doug Harris - alto saxophone, flute
Billy Harper, John Stubblefield - tenor saxophones
Avery Sharpe - acoustic bass
Aaron Scott - drums
Jerry Gonzalez - percussion

01 Passion Dance 10:59
02 Angel Eyes 5:41
03 Blues On The Corner 20:52
04 announcers 1:13
05 Fly With//The Wind (tape flip @8:01) 20:13

Runtime: 58:58

Of Note:
Track 03 - Rude announcers talking while McCoy plays his intro to 'Blues On The Corner' for almost the first minute. This happened during most of the Playboy Jazz Festival sets which were broadcast every year for a while, unfortunately. While we're very thankful for anything they could offer us non-attendees, this was definitely a drag. However, unlike some others who prefer editing out announcers in other shared broadcasts, I'm including as much music as they aired, obscured by talk or otherwise.

By my experience, indoor radio reception in much of LA and its surroundings is terrible on the channels down on the 'low-end of the dial'. This is not a
pristine recording, but it'll get y'all there...

Goody - August 16, 2018.

RIP Alfred McCoy Tyner (December 11, 1938 - March 6, 2020)