McCOy TYNER Quintet

Azar Lawrence: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
McCoy Tyner: piano
Joony (or Juni) Booth: bass
Wilby Fletcher: drums
Guilherme Franco: percussion

Basel (Switzerland)
November 2, 1974

First Set

01. Atlantis (29:23)
02. In a Sentimental Mood (06:42)
03. Love Samba (20:20)
04. Tyner announcement (00:45)

Total Time 0:57:10

FM broadcast

Quality: A

The venue is not known, my hypothesis is that it's the Stadttheater
(or, less likely, the "Safran Zunft" Restaurant) in the context of
the Basel Jazz Festival.

Uploaded to DIME by softnucleus in March 2020.