McCoy Tyner Trio
The Van Dyck
Schenectedy, NY
Late Show

Source: FOB Sonics DSM6m's > SMB-1 > D100 by Tom Reizes
Transfer: MDAT > Fostex D-15 > Ardour @ 48kHz
Master: Wavelab 6.10 (tracking; fades; remove DC offset) > FLAC 16/48

1. Intro
2. Mellow Minor (a little static at the beginning)
3. Peresina
4. My Foolish Heart (solo piano)
5. Steppin' (Bobby Hutcherson)
6. Ballad for Aisha
7. How Deep is the Ocean?
8. Goin' 'Way Blues
9. crowd

10. Fly With The Wind (My Favorite Things tease)

McCoy Tyner - Piano
Aaron Scott - Drums
Avery Sharp - Bass

Thanks to Tom Reizes for the DAT and Allan Sutherland for help with the song titles.

This is a fantatsic recording, taken from the front table stage right, directly in front of Tyner and less than 10 feet away from him, with the piano open 45 degrees or so and a stereo monitor directly above the taper. The only flaw is some very light static in the first few secons of Mellow Minor.

This was the last of four performances at the Van Dyck on March 5 and 6. The Van Dyck is a supper club, which is why you hear the clink of silverware from time to time in recordings made there. The weather outside was dreadful and there had been some trouble during the early show with people talking and disrupting the performances. Never the less, Tyner seemed to enjoy it and returned to the Van Dyck the following year. Tickets for the show were $30.

The series of performances was well received.

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