Melissa Etheridge - "At The BBC"

Stuart Grundy Session, Radio 1, 1989.03.21

01 Bring Me Some Water
02 Like The Way I Do
03 Chrome Plated Heart
04 Precious Pain

"Five Girls and a Guitar", Radio 1, 1989.09.30

05 Interview
06 Bring Me Some Water (Acoustic version)
07 Interview
08 Similar Features (Album version) --- Omitted as per Dime rules
09 Interview
10 Precious Pain (Acoustic version)
11 Interview

Kentish Town & Country Club, London, UK, 1989.12.09 ("In Concert", Radio 1, Broadcast 1990.12.08)

12 DJ Intro
13 You Can Sleep While I Drive
14 No Souvenirs
15 Royal Station 4-16
16 DJ Outro

Length - 48:27

Cassettes(off-air masters, TDK D90's for the first two and a TDK SA90 for Kentish T&C) > wav > Soundforge(normalise, no processing) > CDWave(split on sector boundaries) > flac(6) > flacs tagged with Winamp 2.95

First a session on the Stuart Grundy show. The entry in Genome is followed by "(R)" indicating that the session was a repeat airing, but I can't find any info about the original airdate. The session would have been recorded during either of her previous two UK visit in Nov/Dec 1988 or April 1988. (It's not the same recordings as her April 1988 Radio Trent Session which is included on a re-release of her first album, I checked.)

Secondly, an interview and three songs on a show called "Five Girls and a Guitar". I'd probably not listened to this since I recorded it and was expecting all 3 songs to be album tracks, but I was surprised when I listened to it yesterday to discover that only one was an album track, so that's two more songs we have!

Lastly, In Concert, aired almost exactly a year after it was recorded. She shared the hour with Dogs D'Amour and the hour wasn't divided evenly so we only got a measly 22 minutes.

Egg_Crisis, 26 March 2021