Melissa Etheridge
Coca-Cola Star Lake Amphitheater, Burgettstown, PA (USA)
June 13, 1995

Lineage: Core Sound Binaural mics > battery box (w/bass roll off) > Sony TCD-D7 > TDK DC4-90 DAT Master (24/48) > Tascam da-20 > optical > Mac sound studio > aiff > Adobe Audition CC2017 (level boost/save as wav) > CD Wave Editor (track) > flac8

Location: 6th row

Recorded and Transferred by: hscottm [part of JSSS]
Tracked by: Smores

notes: This show was recorded on a defective DAT cassette. You can start to hear spots of diginoise during You Shook Me All Night Long and it gets worse as the song progresses eventually cutting the song (and the rest of the show) off.
I recently posted a complete recording of the Manassas, VA show from 6/25/95 that had the exact same set list and roughly the same quality.

1. All American Girl
2. If I Wanted To
3. I Take You With Me
4. Similar Features
5. Ruins
6. You Used To Love To Dance
7. Yes I Am
8. Silent Legacy
9. Dance Without Sleeping
10. Ain't It Heavy
11. I Will Never Be The Same
12. All The Way To Heaven
13. Chrome Plated Heart
14. Come To My Window
15. Must Be Crazy For Me
16. Bring Me Some Water
17. You Shook Me All Night Long [AC/DC] (cuts off)

band: Melissa Etheridge/Mark Browne/Dave Beyer/John Shanks

bill: Melissa Etheridge/Paula Cole

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