Merle Haggard
Fred Kavli Theatre
Thousand Oaks, Ca USA

Opener : Big House

Recorded from the main floor Row D center
Recorded at 48 kHz 16 bit
Recorded by HighDesert AKA BouldernBun

Sony ECM 959A >
Sony D7 >
Dat tape >
Tascam DA 40 >
Soundblaster Elite Pro X-Fi Xtreme >
Sound Forge ( adjust volume and resample from 48 to 41.1 - No EQ) >
Sony audio restoration (sharp clap) removal (end of songs/in between songs) >
TLH Flac level 8

Tapers notes:
Merle , of course is a God. Any fan of Merle or Bake would be a foole to pass this tape up. Not perfect. Merle doesn't play real loud and draws a rowdy audience
which is a a tough combo to tape. The sharp, close to the taper, end of song and between song clapping was a bit much.
But I gave those small sections a light dusting with Audio Restoration
click (sharp clap) removal and it turned out pretty awesome . A highdesert 2 thumbs up on this one! Get a designated driver and enjoy!

Merle Haggard

01) Band
02) Band
03) Band
04) Band
05) Band / Merle Intro
06) Workingman Blues
07) Big City
08) If I Could Only Fly
09) I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink
10) Silver wings
11) Mama Tried
12) Unk
13) False start > Are The Good Times Really Over
14) I've Got The Money
15) My Favorite Memory
16) Ramblin Fever
17) Today I Started Loving You Again
18) Shopping For Dresses
19) It's Been A Great Afternoon
20) Always Wanting You
21) Sin City Blues
22) No Time To Cry
23) Okie From Muskogee
24) The Farmers Daughter
25) Take Me Back To Tulsa
26) Misery
27) Columbus Stockade Blues
28) Misery and Gin
29) Rainbow Stew

The Band:
Lead vocals / Guitar - Merle Haggard
Guitar - Norman Hamlet
Drums - Biff Adam
Vocal - Bonnie Owens
Bass- Eddie Curtis
Fiddle- Jimmy Belkin
Horns - Don Markham
Vocals - Chris ?
- Abe Manuel
- Joe Manuel

Do not convert to lossy. Do not sell. Do enjoy!