Micah Scott
16th Annual Hickory Fest, honoring the legacy of Sue Cunningham
Stony Fork Creek Campground
Wellsboro PA
2018-08-17 Friday
70'F 80%RH

Source: (1) BSCS-L > Edirol OCM R-44
(2) JB-mod NAK CM-300 (CP-3'S) on stage > Edirol OCM R-44
Soundman : George Powell - FOH, Zack Shepard - Monitors
Location : FOB 41' from stage, and on stage omnis
Transfer: Audacity > r8brain > CD Wave > TLH
Recorded and matrixed by capnhook

-entire set-

Set list help appreciated.

Never For Sale.
Please support artists that allow taping by buying merchandise & attending shows.

Photo courtesy of Frank Serio

Thanks to George at GP Audio for being kind to us tapers.

Special thanks to Sue.


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