Hi Stones fanatics,
well, i have been working on this one, for a while. First of all, as many of you already knows, i am a Keith Richards fan, more than Jagger`s. I think this is important to say, because i have built this Anthology set from a point of view of Keith`s fan!
This means, there are no soppy ballads from Mick`s solo albums here.I think Mick is a great blues performer, so i have tried to include as much of the blues done by Mick,as i could. I have also taken a lot of his collaborations and guesting on other artists albums.

Most of it was remastered by me. not all of course (The usual: pitch, phase & level correction and some EQ where needed). But even the new stuff like Super Heavy, i have tried to make a bit more quiet (although general volume is high, because i have taken many songs from Mick`s official compilation and those tracks have set the volume standard).

So this is a mish-mash of official and bootleg and some pretty rare official stuff.

Mr. D was very involved and helpful and made another amazing artwork !!! He worked very hard to find

all of the musicians that played on tracks, it is all on the inner front cover.


Captain Acid March 2012


Mick Jagger - Too Many Cooks - Anthology


01 . Watching The River Flow
02 . Memo From Turner
03 . Evil
04 . Oh Virginia
05 . Get A Line On You (demo) (from 'Leon Russel' album)
06 . Dust My Broom
07 . Dream Girl
08 . Too Many Cooks (Spoil The Soup)
09 . It Hurts Me Too (from 'Jamming With Edward!' album)
10 . (You Got To Walk And) Don't Look Back
11 . Evening Gown (from 'Last Man Standing' album)
12 . The Wild Colonial Boy (from 'Ned Kelly' soundtrack album)
13 . Everybody Knows About My Good Thing with G Moore
14 . Will Ya Won`t Ya with Chris Jagger
15 . Insanity Please
16 . The Long Black Veil


01 . Checkin' Up On My Baby
02 . Trouble No More
03 . She's Just 14
04 . State Of Shock (from 'State Of Shock' single)
05 . Handsome Molly
06 . I Can Feel The Fire
07 . Nothing But The Wheel
08 . Talk To Me Baby
09 . Sweet Thing
10 . God Gave Me Everything
11 . The DJ Blues
12 . Goin' Away Baby
13 . You Got The Silver
14 . Miracle Worker with Super Heavy
15 . Commit A Crime
16 . Party Doll
17 . Going Down
18 . State Of Shock (It`s Only Rock`N`Roll) live with Tina Turner

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