Carla OLSON and Mick TAYLOR
This project was born after discovering the new ‘Best of’-LP by Carla OLSON and Mick TAYLOR. This release, as a novelty, used the end of a version of "Sway" ... which was already circulating among collectors: this version taken from a bootleg is in even lower quality. So we decided to publish this collection of recordings that are circulating. Who knows, maybe another version of "Sway" will be used for the next 'Best of'?
Thanks to the original recorders and especially to nzb and Jaap (Stonesmuziekfan) who provided me their recordings, gave critic and advice regarding my work … so without whom this project wouldn’t have been possible!

West Coast Tour
Late February/early March 1990:
1st March 1990 – HUNTINGTON BEACH, California

Line-up: MT (gtr, voc)/Carla Olson (voc, gtr)/George Callins (gtr, bvoc)/ Jesse Sublett (bass, bvoc)/Rick Hemmert (dr)

01 - tuning
02 - I Never Wanted To Try
03 - Remember That Moon
04 - Who Put The Sting On The Honeybee?
05 - Slow Rollin' Train
06 - Trying To Hold On
07 - Rubies And Diamonds
08 - See The Light
09 - Broken Hands
10 - Sway
11 - You Can't Move In
12 - Clean Cut Kid
13 - outro (band intro)

Only an uncomplete but very good recording is circulating.
Some of my rework was:
For all the tracks: sound amplification around +2 db, transitions between the tracks reworked; now they start with the songs, but they’re often preceded by a gap (see below):
Little gap deleted or upgraded in track 02 at 3’27, in track 04 at 5’38, in track 05 at 5’42, in track 07 at 5’43 and in track 10 at 4’45.
On the tuning: channel re-equilbrated (+30% to the left) and some micro noises deleted.
Note a fade in/out before the encore « Clean Cut Kid ».
I also deleted a 4 seconds count-in sequence repeated before the start of « Sway ».
As usual all the infos are taken from The Mick Taylor’s Complete Works Database by Nico Zentgraf:

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