The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
House Of Blues
Boston, MA
27 December, 2010

Taper: SLFSubhuman
Remaster: Powerage5

Lineage: Zoom H2 (Internal mic) > WAV > Wave Editor > FLAC > Audacity (Tracking, equalizing) > Dime

01 Lenny Lashley - Anti-Christmas
02 Intro
03 Seven Thirty Seven/Shoe Glue
04 Kinder Words
05 This Time Of Year
06 1-2-8
07 Dogs & Chaplains
08 Royal Oil
09 You Left Right?
10 Pictures To Prove It
11 The One With The Woes All Over It
12 The Rascal King
13 Let Me Be
14 Sugar Free
15 Don�t Worry Desmond Dekker
16 Rudie Can�t Fail
17 Another Drinkin� Song
18 Wrong Thing Right Then
19 That Bug Bit Me
20 Someday I Suppose
21 Jump Through The Hoops
22 Graffiti Worth Reading
23 Dr. D
24 A Pretty Sad Excuse
- - -
25 Linus And Lucy
26 2000 Miles
27 I�m Shipping Up To Boston
28 The Impression That I Get
29 Lights Out

This is one of a number of older Bosstones recordings I�ve recently acquired which I�m taking a shot at remastering. Normally I wouldn�t do any remasters without the permission of the taper, however most of these recordings came with no info file, and therefore no taper/lineage info.

This one took a lot of work to find a good EQ - I almost gave up on remastering this one, but I finally struck a balance that I think worked pretty well. The original recording was pretty muted, so I had a hard time bringing a lot of the frequencies up to a good level. It still isn�t perfect, the sound sort of comes and goes throughout the recording, but I think my work has benefited this one greatly.

As always, don�t sell or convert to lossy.