Mike Bloomfield
Earth Tavern, Portland, OR

Stereo sbd master cassette > Phillips CD recorder > CDR > CDR > EAC > Cool Edit(editing some level changes) > FLAC

Friends, here�s a great show from Michael Bloomfield, recorded as an exellent stereo sbd, in a smaller venue!
Michael gives us here a stunning lecture how to play Blues and Rock on amlified acc. & electric guitar!
Amoung his great playing sidemen is Austin Delone, who adds a wonderful piano to this superp set!

Many thanks to Taperpat who sent me a CDR copy off his mastercassette!
He got this master from a local soundman in these days!

Mike Bloomfield: g, lead voc
Bob Jones: dr, voc
David Churry: b
Aston Delone: piano

Set 1
01-/Big Chief
02-Blue Ghost aka Bucca�s Blues ?
03-Saturday Woman
04-She took my Money
05-Kansas City
06-/Rock me Baby (end fragment only)
07-Stand by Me
08-Feel so bad
09 Moving down the Road , Baby
TT:69 mins

Transferred-mastered by taperpat-
Remastered & uploaded to Dime by Doc Tinker to Dime 8-2006

Enjoy this great piece of Michael Bloomfield History!!