Mike Gordon Band
The Crystal Ballroom
Portland, OR

Set 1

01 Victim 3D
02 Andelmans' Yard
03 Chatter: The Perfect Tempo
04 Save Me
05 Acid Man
06 Marissa
07 Go Away

Set 2

08 Victim
09 Peel
10 Soulfood Man >
11 Waking Up Dead
12 Face >
13 Back in the Bubble

14 Destiny Unbound

Captured by Chris Pavicich using Austrian Audio OC 818 microphones.

Lineage: OC 818 --> Zoom F6 (WAV 96k32f) --> ProTools (polar designer, filters, EQ, cuts, fades, WAV96k24) --> xAct (tagging, FLAC24)

Location: Clamped to the rail directly in front of the soundboard. Stand height ~ 9ft.

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Images for this show:

MikeGordonBand2020-01-31CrystalBallroomPortlandOR (1).jpeg
MikeGordonBand2020-01-31CrystalBallroomPortlandOR (2).png