Tombstone Blue Band ~ Studio
Circa 1982
Bruce Diehl's Basement
Forest Street
Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA

Tapers: SolitaryPine & Mark H., sound mixers and recorders for the band
Mastering: SolitaryPine [SP001]
Location: Basement soundboard mix to a [Brand?] Cassette Tape Deck at 12x record speed
Source: Transfer in year 1996 from First Gen Cassette ~> PC (12x to 1x speed adjust, 44.1Khz 16-bit WAV) ~> CD-R.
Year 2007 CD-R ~> EAC ~> Cool Edit Pro 2.1 [fades, normalization] ~> TLH ~> FLAC Level 5
Checksums: TLH ~ FLAC checksums in MD5

.....Kerry O'Keefe ~ Vocals, Bass, Harmonica
.....Mike Gordon ~ Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
.....Dan McBride ~ Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
.....Bruce Diehl ~ Drums, Percussion

All band members originally from Sudbury, Mass.


01 - Intro
02 - Uptown Mama
03 - March to the Beat of the Drum
04 - Damn Fool Father
05 - Hell or Canada
06 - Uptown Mama (take 2)
07 - March to the Beat of the Drum (take 2)
08 - Damn Fool Father (take 2)
09 - Boney Maroney

All songs are original material written by the band.

The Tombstone Blues Band was a short lived high school band
formed in 1982 in Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA. They were formed
from the remaining members of The Edge band.

The primary basist for the group, Mike Gordon, went on to be
a member of the world famous band Phish.

The master CD-R is one of a small number (3 or 4) which were made in
the year 1996. I found the original cassette tape in my archives at
that time and got a friend at work to help digitize the tape (in hopes
to preserve it). He had a deck that could play back 12x speed tapes
(which at the time did not really matter as we could have sped up the
digital tracks digitally). I do recall spending an afternoon making
the digitized tracks, some quick artwork, and burning a few CD-Rs.
I got two copies of the CD-R with artwork, plus the mater without art,
my work friend kept a copy, and a copy was given to Mike Gorton by me
when we last hooked up for the meet-and-greet after the Phish show
at the Worcester Centrum Centre in Massachusetts on Friday
November 27th, 1998.

I would kindly like to ask that nobody re-seed this release on
any other tracker or source without at least notifying me in advance.
The same goes for any remastering or artwork projects.

Upped by SolitaryPine - October 2007

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