Mike Peters 'Hurricane Of Change Tour'
Bromsgrove, Artrix Arts Centre 23rd October 2019

A New South Wales
Newtown Jericho
Ghosts Of Rebecca
The Ballad Of Randolph Turpin
Irish Sea
My Land Your Land
Hallowed Ground
Eye Of The Hurricane
A Rose Beyond The Wall
Rescue Me
Rain In The Summertime
Only Love Can Set Me Free
Permanence In Change
World On Fire
Presence Of Love
A Time To Believe
One Step Closer To Home
Elders And Folklore
Where A Town Once Stood
New Frontiers
Black Sun
The Firing Line
Change Ii
Corridors Of Power
How The Mighty Fall
Sold Me Down The River
Breaking Point
Prison Without Prison Bars
Devolution Working Man Blues
Love Don’T Come Easy
The Rock
Rivers To Cross
Change I
A New Day
Spirit Of '76
Blaze Of Glory
The Day The Ravens Left The Tower
Howling Wind
In A Big Country
Sixty Eight Guns
Walk Forever By My Side

Source: Roland Ro5 Recorder Set @ 24/48 With Audio Technica At943 Microphones And Sp-Sb1 Battery Module Set At 95Hz.
Track Splits Done With Audacity.

Recorded By Me (Motr1912) 4Th Row From The Front (All Seated Venue) Right Of Centre Stage.

An Interesting Concert That Was More Like A Theatrical Experience Than Your Normal Acoustic Type Gig.