This is disc 5+6 of the MilesLX tree

Miles Davis
Free Trade Hall. Manchester, England
27 September 1960
audience recording includes part of 1st concert and most of 2nd concert

Disc 5:
Fragments from start of 1st concert
01 Four (M. Davis) 10:54
02 All of You (C. Porter) 14:14
03 Walkin' (R. Carpenter) [incomplete, end cut] 04:23
Fragments from start of second concert
04 Four (M. Davis) [incomplete, start cut] 08:09
05 All Blues (M. Davis) 14:44

Disc 6:
Second concert continued [46:05.000]
01 Well, You Needn't (T. Monk) 13:12
02 Autumn Leaves (J. Prevert - J. Mercer - J. Kosma) 17:23
03 So What (M. Davis) 10:32
04 Stardust (H. Carmichael - M. Parish) 04:15
05 The Theme (M. Davis) 00:41

Miles Davis (tp)
John Coltrane (ts)
Wynton Kelly (p)
Paul Chambers (b)
Jimmy Cobb (d)


audience recording (acc. to plosin)

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