Miles Davis Nonet
Paul's Mall
Boston, Massachusetts

Project ID - LL179

Source: FM Broadcast
Lineage: WBCN radio broadcast > ?? > Maxell XL II (Low Gen??) >
DR-1 > Lunatec v2 > Korg MR-1000 > DSD-DFF 1bit 5.64MHz > Audio Gate > 24/44.1 >
audiophile enginering Sample Manager Izotpe/ src > 16/44.1 > cd wave > flac lvl 8

Miles Davis (tpt); Carlos Garnett (ss); Reggie Lucas (g); Khalil Balakrishna (sitar);
Cedric Lawson (keyb); Michael Henderson (el-b); Al Foster (d);
James Mtume Forman (cga, perc); Badal Roy (tabla)

disc 1

d1t01. /Black Satin
d1t02. Rated X
d1t03. Honky Tonk
d1t04. Right Off/



- D1t01: The beginning of this song is missing along with the preceeding Intro.

- D1t03: starting at about 8:30 there is a gurgling type noise. Not sure exactly what this.
It continues into about the first 30 seconds of track 4.

- D1t04: The track is cut at the end.

- Many thanks to Freekjazz for the tapes and D. McCabe for the mastering and transfer.
This tape came lableld as 9-24-1972 (See Peter's notes below). Through some comparison
it certainly fits the bill for this date. I would love to hear some of the other sources
of this date. The sound very good. Wish the show were complete.

- "This set was broadcast live on WBCN-FM radio. The closing announcement mentions that
the Davis Nonet is at Paul's Mall "for the rest of the weekend" -- probably from Thursday
the 14th through the following Sunday, the 17th. Another set, probably from a different night,
was recorded by someone in the audience and is sonically inferior. See the listing for
september 15-17, 1972 for details." - Credit to Peter Losin,

- "Super Sonic wrongly lists this music as recorded "live at the Quaker Jazz Festival,
Philadelphia, NJ / September 24, 1972." In addition, the track indexes are wrong:
1.Black Satin (9:31); 2. Rated X (15:13); Honky Tonk (9:34); 4. Right Off (11:45).
The Luxury CD is subtitled "WBCN Broadcast New Master" and the sound is imporoved over
other issues."- Credit to Peter Losin,

- QC done by Bgreen

a052f056cf9c17d2f37bce76f549717c *md1972-09-14.LL179.d1t01.flac
d69ca468520fd5eef673731de58cf55a *md1972-09-14.LL179.d1t02.flac
e71b1b3b247585991fb40b8637206632 *md1972-09-14.LL179.d1t03.flac
fb9d78331b4c036274478f9d53b45b04 *md1972-09-14.LL179.d1t04.flac


196c817d7436e39b179c48ffe872b108 [shntool] md1972-09-14.LL179.d1t01.flac
8a993089c0bc4fcfcc2949ebabc7fa56 [shntool] md1972-09-14.LL179.d1t02.flac
e064be2fddc6d2eb65c945b66d16678c [shntool] md1972-09-14.LL179.d1t03.flac
cc5f28a7377d125bc053675c86c8cf12 [shntool] md1972-09-14.LL179.d1t04.flac

length expanded size cdr WAVE problems filename
9:19.73 98779340 --- -- ---xx md1972-09-14.LL179.d1t01.flac
13:47.31 145955756 --- -- ---xx md1972-09-14.LL179.d1t02.flac
8:58.21 94952636 --- -- ---xx md1972-09-14.LL179.d1t03.flac
11:39.45 123409484 --- -- ---xx md1972-09-14.LL179.d1t04.flac
43:45.20 463097216 B (totals for 4 files, 0.5949 overall compression ratio)