Miles Davis
1988-11-10 (a)
Gran Cabalgatabr
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Grand Canary Island, Spain

Soundboard recording, 85:54

Lineage: sbd > Mcas > cas(x) > cdr

Miles Davis (tp, synth); Kenny Garrett (as, fl); Joey DeFrancesco, Adam Holzman (synth); Joe "Foley" McCreary (lead-b); Benny Rietveld (el-b); Ricky Wellman (d); Marilyn Mazur (perc)

01 In a Silent Way 1:19
02 Intruder 5:35 << small bit of mostly applause missing at end (not available in source B either)
03 New Blues 9:00
04 Perfect Way 5:28
05 The Senate / Me and You 13:15
06 Human Nature 11:26 [inc, tape flip at 5:21; skip at 9:39] << patches from source B ?
07 Wrinkle 11:04
08 Tutu 12:46
09 Time After Time 7:53
10 Movie Star 8:03 [inc, end cut]

Restoration by plaz:
- reassembled transfer CD-Rs to 2 tape sides
- gain normalized each side
- lightly declicked and decrackled
- lightly denoise all files using noise print at start of track 3
- balanced channels
- lightly declipped to eliminate distortion of bass and kick drums during loud segments
- fixed track 2/3 transitions, there is a small (less than 0.5s) cut here
- fixed track 6/7 transition, removing fade-out/cut in
- corrected phase for side B (tf to end) by 0.34 ms
- EQ side B to slightly enhanced highs (to match tone of part A)
- repaired clicks, pops, crackle and drops out
- gain normalized and retracked

Speed Correction by flambay:
t01-05: +10cts
t06: fine tune between +10cts and -20cts
t07: OK
t08: -10cts
t09: fine tune between -30cts and -10cts
t10: fine tune between -30cts and -10cts