Miles Davis Quintet
Café Bohemia, New York NY
Mutual Network Radio Broadcast
July 20, 1957

Mutual Network Radio Broadcast > Unknown transfer > ? > "Rare Miles" bootleg Disc 4 of 6 > ? > wav > ? > flac

Miles Davis (tpt); Sonny Rollins (ts); William "Red" Garland (p); Paul Chambers (b); Arthur Taylor (d); Guy Wallace (ann);
Maynard Ferguson (guest)

01 Announcer Intro > Dear Old Stockholm
02 Bags' Groove/ > Announcer (Incomplete) > /How Am I to Know/


- A good performance with some recording flaws and an announcer voiceover interview on Track 2. There is some minor static crackle and minor hiss. The left channel has very little frequency content above 16 KHz, while the signal in the right channel is about 18 dB lower and contains some hiss in the full audio spectrum. A couple of flaws are listed below.
- 02. Dropout from 1:16.311 - 1:17.659
- 02. At 2:36.600 music fades into background during voiceover interview with Maynard Ferguson until end of track.
- "Bag's Groove" cuts out near the beginning of the interview voiceover during Sonny Rollin's solo
- "How Am I to Know" begins in the background, voiced over completely by the interview and fading out before the announcer sign-off.