Miles Davis Quintet Café Bohemia, New York NY Mutual Network Radio Broadcast July 27, 1957 Mutual Network Radio Broadcast > Unknown Transfer > ?? > wav > flac Miles Davis (tpt); Sonny Rollins (ts); William "Red" Garland (p); Paul Chambers (b); Arthur Taylor (d); Guy Wallace (ann); Bill Coss (guest) 01 Introduction > Bye Bye Blackbird > Tune Up/ 02 / Tune Up ------------------------------------------------------- - A fine performance, unfortunately with a voice-over guest interview, this recording exhibits some low-level line hum as well as minor crackling and popping with a periodicity that indicates vinyl in the lineage. Spectral analysis shows some type of hiss reduction was applied at somepoint in the lineage, but some hiss remains throughout the audio spectrum. - 01. Analysis shows 3 clipped digital samples in this track - 01. Interview voiceover with Bill Coss begins at 8:33.500 with music continuing in background. Track ends in the background complete very close to 9:16.000 while interview continues. - "Tune Up" fades in at around 9:34, still in the background of the voiceover interview, missing the first few bars. - This source is missing Foggy Day. Peter Losin has this listed at the end of the set. - 02. The voiceover ends at about 0:08 and "Tune Up" is amplified back into the foreground. ------------------------------------------------------- 10:00.25 105898844 --- -- ---xx md1957-07-27.LL6.d1t01.flac 2:41.21 28449836 --- -- ---xx md1957-07-27.LL6.d1t02.flac 12:41.46 134348680 B (2 files) ------------------------------------------------------- md1957-07-27.LL6.d1t01.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100% md1957-07-27.LL6.d1t02.wav: track looks like CDDA with probability 100%